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Expert Analysis, Comparison, Optimization & Negotiation of Commercial Banking Relationships

Montauk transforms your bank relationships into balanced and proactively managed partnerships that are powered by the blend of cutting-edge services ideally suited to your company’s ever-changing requirements at the most competitive rates available.

Banks are necessary and valued partners upon which every company is dependent. But cloaked by every bank relationship is the reality that the bank’s purpose is to find every opportunity to yield as much as possible on your company’s liquidity each and every month.

Companies that manage their bank relationships by themselves realize that it is an especially complex, iterative, and never-ending exercise that mandates regularly practiced expert resources, real-time pricing transparency, constant tuning, and fortitude.

But inherent in these challenges is a strategic opportunity like no other made possible by Montauk’s BRM Insight. Through this one-of-a-kind service, Montauk clients arm themselves with a team of renowned banking experts who constantly evaluate, compare, negotiate, and manage thousands of domestic and international bank relationships.

The result? Immediate and sustainable gains that amount to millions of dollars per year for many clients.

Monthly account analysis reconciliation
Detailed exception identification
Consolidated activity reporting
BankScore™ market fees & rates benchmarking
Thought leadership, risk, and regulation reports
Cross-bank comparisons
Expert bank negotiations
Treasury & bank relationship optimization strategy
Client relationship manager
Bank Selection & Transition Management

1. Scrutinize

Montauk's treasury experts perform a detailed historical and current state review, abstracting every line item of every bank and merchant services account. Account analysis data is converted into a common, transparent format.img

2. Analyze

Montauk compares your banking data to its exclusive BankScore™ Global Bank Rates & Fees Index to gauge the performance of your banks vs. the rates of comparable companies. A comprehensive upside report is issued. img

3. Actualize

The optimal banking structure and services configuration is established in collaboration with the your treasury team. Montauk expert resources are applied as required to ensure that the best possible results are realized.


4. Realize

Upon completion of the initial audit, all services, fees, and rates are audited each month to ensure accuracy and competitiveness.