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BRM Insight FAQs

Why is it so important for us to proactively manage our bank relationships?

Bank regulations, rates, fees, lending criteria, international exchange, and countless other factors are subject to change with each passing day. This is precisely why companies of all shapes and sizes have engaged Montauk to provide the analysis, planning, and tuning needed to ensure that they are receiving the ideal combination of banking services - at competitive rates - all the time.

Can't Montauk just tell us what banks are the most competitive for us today?

The value of bank relationships are defined by numerous factors, not just price. Banks constantly change their service offerings, rates, fees, and appetite for new accounts. What they agree to do for one client may not apply to others. And what one bank can provide for certain clients may not apply to others. There is no such thing as ‘one bank fits all’.

How does Montauk save us time?

Montauk’s BRM services methodology has been carefully designed to minimize the time commitment required by its customers. In fact, many clients hire Montauk precisely due to the fact that they simply don’t have the time or resources necessary to thoroughly and proactively manage the volatility inherent in their bank relationships. The initial orientation and discovery process require no more than an hour or two from your team. Thereafter, the impact is limited to the review of documentation and reports submitted by Montauk, strategy sessions, bank or third-party presentations, and other strategy meetings as may be required. Montauk will also prepare all of the reports and correspondence needed to support interaction with your banks. These can be issued to the banks by Montauk as authorized by you or you may choose to issue the correspondence prepared by Montauk as your own. This will eliminate the need for your treasury personnel to convert Montauk recommendations into actionable tasks.

Is Montauk anti-bank?

On the contrary, Montauk is all about positioning banks to be competitive. Montauk works with banks every day to help them align their product and services to meet or exceed the expectations of our mutual clients.

While we want to make sure we are getting fair value, our bank relationships are very important to us. How do we balance the two?

Banks are necessary and valued partners to their clients. Maintaining the integrity of these relationships is priority one for Montauk. With this in mind, however, banks are no less obligated than all of your other vendors to provide exceptional value at rates that are fair and competitive. Those banks that strive to serve your interests as part of this process stand to not only preserve their relationships for the long term, but to earn additional business in favor of banks who choose to not be as competitive.

Aren't pricing books able to do the same thing for us?

Price books are much too generic for companies trying to make sense of all of the parameters that define their individual bank relationships. For example, if you were buying a house today, do you really care what the mortgage rates were 6 months ago? No. You want to know what the best available rates are 'today' relative to your individual credit profile as well as the size and location of the house you are buying. And how do price books rationalize the scope of a Fortune 500 company versus that of the pizza store in town? Most people don't realize that bank pricing books are based upon broad pricing data submitted by banks, not from real world data that has been empirically derived from actual and recent account analyses as with Montauk's BankScore(TM) Global Bank Fees & Rates Index. The source, context and staleness of blue book data greatly minimizes their effectiveness.