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BankScore™ Global Bank Fees & Rates Index

Bank fees and rates are purposefully obscure, complex and subject to change without warning. They are also highly discretionary and vary widely from client to client even within the same bank. BankScore™ is an exclusive database that exposes the best available pricing against those of similar companies within banks and across the market for every possible service. This real-time transparency arms the experts at Montauk with incredible leverage when negotiating with individual banks on behalf of our clients.

BankScore™ is powered by the historical and ongoing audited bank analyses we perform, as well as rates and fees we negotiate on behalf of our customers.  But it doesn’t stop there. We understand that banking relationships are not entirely based on price, so we build in qualitative data provided by corporate treasurers from around the globe regarding the analysis accuracy, standardization, and quality of service provided by their banks. Further, we include pricing information available from trusted sources.

The BankScore Global Rates and Fees Index gives our banking experts the ability to compare your costs and services with those of similar customers of your bank. We are also able to compare those results against similar customers at competitive banks that score the highest based upon your particular banking requirements.