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Security is extremely important to us! The files you are uploading today are protected with a strong 256-bit Encryption and stored securely on our firewalled server.



The Montauk Group accepts files in .XLS, .XLSX, .PDF, .CSV, .BSB, and .EDI 822 formats. If you would like to upload a statement in a different format, please contact us.

Open Solutions


When uploading a bank statement/analysis, please include the following information in the file name:   - Year/Month (YY/MM) of the bank statement/analysis - Bank Name - Any other detail that might be specific to this group of accounts             


Montauk acknowledges that, in the course of determining a Client’s Analysis, it may receive Confidential Information of the Client. Montauk shall hold the Confidential Information of the other party in confidence, and shall not sell, lease, transfer, publish, disclose or otherwise make available any portion of the Confidential Information of the other party to any third parties except as necessary to perform the analysis. Montauk shall use reasonable efforts to prevent any unauthorized use, copying, or disclosure of the Confidential Information.