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Outsourced Review & Approval of Bank Account Analysis Invoices

How much are you leaving on the table?

Banks are increasing service fees across the board while interest rates linger at historic lows. Meanwhile, If your company is like most, your bank fees are automatically deducted from your bank accounts without any formal verification or approval process.

Why? Because commercial bank account analysis statements are lengthy, complicated, and downright confusing. Reviewing them in detail for accuracy requires time and expertise that most treasury departments simply do not have.

To make matters worse, many banks require that you notify them of any dispute items within 60 days or you forfeit any recourse.

The banks benefit from their own mistakes as your losses are compounded each and every month.

Hawkeye turns the table in your favor.

   How Hawkeye Works:

  1. 1

    Send your account analyses statements to Montauk immediately upon receipt.

  2. 2

    Montauk audits each invoice using its intelligent rules engine optimized for your business.

  3. 3

    Invoices are returned to you as “Approved” or “Adjusted” with detailed violations findings.

Montauk’s Hawkeye solution provides your treasury team with the assurance that bank invoices are accurate and acceptable for payment.

With Hawkeye, the banking experts at Montauk will scrutinize every line item on your bank account analysis statements each month.

Following the audit, you will receive a comprehensive Hawkeye report with an “Approved” or “Adjusted” recommendation.

The report will identify any pricing errors, inconsistencies, volume parameters, math errors, rate changes, and a myriad of other possible violations specific to your bank services profile.