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BRM 2.0

BRM 2.0 transforms traditionally reactive banking relationships that include manual abstraction, confusion, and unpredictable fees into a standardized, fully automated and transparent experience that keeps the relationship balanced, profitable, and proactively focused on the future.

Corporate treasurers need the assurance that their banks are competitively priced, accountable for the services being provided, and above all, safe. While BRM software can help to identify errors which lead to better accountability, it still requires time and energy to work with the banks to get those situations resolved. BRM 2.0 takes bank management far beyond what current market software and benchmarking tools can provide:

Competitive Information - Montauk benchmarks your pricing and earnings credit rates against others in your industry each and every month

Elimination of Paper & PDF statements - Montauk abstracts all data, analyzes the results, and reports to you the information you need so that you can free your resources up for other things.

Compliance - Having someone review all bank expenses on a monthly basis helps you satisfy accounts payable policies and procedures that your bank is circumventing today.

Custom Analytics - Want to know which of your bank is the most expensive? The most competitively priced? Should you convert to remote deposit? Montauk can help you find those answers and more. Tap into the wealth of information stored right within the stacks of statements cluttering your office or determine how to get the full potential of the analytics currently available in your software.

Transparency - Why have one person managing your banks when you can have the entire team of Montauk experts at your fingertips? Armed with the tools to bring you custom analytics, uncompromised objectivity, and a wealth of understanding, Montauk gives you unparalleled transparency into your bank relationships and how your banks see you.