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The Right “Fit” is Everything in a Relationship

The comprehensive evaluation we perform for our clients includes the relative “fit” of the company’s treasury services needs versus the banks they are currently doing business with.

Banks are not “One Size Fits All”

Banks are not designed as a “one size fits all”, though many can, and do, service clients of all sizes and needs. Based on our client’s feedback, some would like more personal attention, while others are looking to expand overseas and need a truly Global bank. Most have restrictions on what banks they can do business with based on credit ratings. Needs are ever changing, and we at Montauk want to make sure that the current needs of our clients are met by the best possible bank at the best possible price.

Montauk Bank-Matching as a Service

In order to match the right bank with the appropriate client, Montauk is building a database of products and services provided by commercial banks to complement our BankScore™ Global Rates and Fees Index. Relationship managers who register with us by filling out the Request For Information will be contacted when we have a client with needs that match your model and services provided. All “matched” banks will be invited to respond to Request For Proposals for clients that are currently in our pipeline.

Ever-Changing World

Pricing and Rates change daily in the current commercial lending and treasury services environment. Montauk will reach out to all our bank partners on a quarterly basis to make sure we know about all special promotions or changes at your institution. You don’t have to wait for us, though. If you know something great is going on at your bank, please let us know so we can help support that initiative and keep your profile up to date at banknews@themontaukgroup.com.


  • 1. Fill out the RFI Form to the best of your ability.
  • 2. Montauk will match you with potential clients and contact you directly with an RFP.
  • 3. Upload your RFP responses here.
  • *Montauk acknowledges that, in the course of determining a banks client match, it may receive information of the bank. Montauk shall hold the information of the other party in confidence, and shall not sell, lease, transfer, publish, disclose or otherwise make available any portion of the information to any third parties. Montauk shall use reasonable efforts to prevent any unauthorized use, copying or disclosure of the information.