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Company Overview

The Montauk Group optimizes bank relationships for corporations world-wide.

The extreme volatility of banking regulations, rates, fees, lending criteria, international exchange, and relentless bank revenue generation tactics mandate that companies perform constant analysis and tuning of their bank relationships. Yet few companies have the expertise or the time to continually monitor their banks, the data to comparatively gauge their performance, or the leverage to effectively negotiate with them.

Montauk fulfills this crucial role by serving as a value-added extension to the treasury departments of its clients. Through our many services, the treasury and banking experts at Montauk continuously work to optimize the financial performance of our clients through persistent analysis, market comparison, structuring, negotiation, and intermediation of thousands of bank relationships for world-class companies.

But the real Montauk advantage lies in our ability to monetize these results. In fact, Montauk clients enjoy improvements they never thought possible with many realizing bona fide upside in the millions of dollars per year.

Montauk’s portfolio of clients, which now includes several Fortune 500 companies, spans a wide range of industries including retail, insurance, real estate, municipality, hospitality, and many others. While our clients vary greatly in size and scope, each and every one can attest to Montauk’s ability to deliver high impact results.

Montauk was formed in 2010 after operating for two years as a practice area of NOI Strategies, a services firm that specializes in helping commercial real estate companies achieve operational excellence.