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Global Bank Relationship Management

Finally, companies can begin to leverage the power of The Montauk Group’s domestic bank relationship management solution world-wide.

Montauk Global BRM Highlights:

  • Audit bank relationships to identify opportunities for improved utilization and financial performance.
  • Reconcile monthly account statements to contracts, rules, and localized regulations using common methods and reporting.
  • Compare relative bank rates and pricing to that of other customers with your bank and to that of alternative banks
  • Understand the services, fees, and rates that are associated with your international accounts.
  • Quantify the upside potential of implementing the ideal combination of services at the most competitive rates.
  • Realize tangible results including fee reduction, optimized account structuring, streamlined cash management, and yield improvement.

Managing treasury while navigating through the complexities and ambiguity inherent in U.S. banking practices is difficult enough. But the challenges faced by companies with international banking requirements are significantly more compounded.

If you are like most companies with international banking relationships, you might liken the experience to that of the ‘wild, wild west’. Standards for international banking services and billing are still in their infancy. Adoption of these new standards are slow at best while many banks have simply chosen not to adopt them. Thus, the corporate treasury teams charged with managing their international bank relationships have little understanding of the services they are being charged for, no less how to compare or negotiate them.

This extreme lack of transparency, combined with highly localized regulatory, currency, rate, tax, service and pricing models, makes interpretation and comparison of the differences from one bank to another virtually impossible. Waiting for standards to take hold does little to help companies that are trying to optimize their global treasury practices and performance today.

That’s where Montauk comes in. Right now, the banking experts at Montauk are hard at work intermediating with banks all over the world to implement standards, develop effective global treasury strategies, streamline services, and establish pricing transparency on behalf of our mutual corporate customers.

But transforming a global banking apparatus won’t happen overnight. Compiling bank contracts, gaining clarity on foreign bank rates and pricing, establishing compliance with ever-changing international banking laws, and restructuring bank relationships takes time, expertise, and empirical analysis.

The world might eventually get there on its own. But why wait? Montauk, through its innovations in BRM, thought leadership, and influence bolstered by its growing contingent of corporate customers is delivering real results that you can ‘globally’ bank on today.