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Montauk Services

Why Montauk?

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    Montauk clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries (including retail, real estate, insurance, investment).

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    Montauk clients enjoy gains they never thought possible with many realizing bona fide upside in the millions of dollars per year.

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    Harness the ultimate in negotiating leverage with your banks using the market pricing transparency offered by Bankscore™.

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    Monthly audits ensure that your company benefits by staying ahead of constantly changing bank rates, fees, and regulations.

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    The integrity of every bank relationships is paramount. Montauk does the work. You make the decisions.

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The Association for Financial Professionals Selects The Montauk Group to Lead AFP Service Codes© Accreditation

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Client Testimonial

"Before Montauk, our banks had the edge since we really had no basis for interpreting or comparing the rates and fees in our account analysis statements. Montauk has completely transformed the way we manage our bank relationships resulting in millions of dollars per year added to our bottom line."
Treasurer & CTP® of a Public
Investment Management Company
Based in New York City